- We visit the Flyer at MSI January 12, 2008 -

Since MSI was preparing for their 75th anniversary, they were offering the public free admission
until the end of January. Ken Lapi and I decided to go see the Flyer and how they decided to display it.
The one word we kept saying over and over was DISAPPOINTING. You'll see that it doesn't look much
different now than it did when we left it after reconstruction. These photos will give you an idea
of what we saw.

I walk up to the display. It has a nylon band roping off the front of it. Nothing roping off the back.

This sign in front doesn't tell you much about the Flyer. People were telling their kids that this was built in 1903.

Off to the left of the Flyer was that original tower with info and photos describing the Flyer and how it was built. Very few people walked over to read it.

The Flyer was propped up with a low frame platform. The large dolly in front of the platform is probably used to move the Flyer.

Notice the tan carpet under the Flyer. They pulled up the dark carpet tiles and replaced them with these. Ken and I figured the must be the simulated sand of Kill Devil Hill.

The Flyer appeared to be in good contition except for the coating of dust. Our obvious disappointment came from its poor presentation. It looks like it was just put there as an after thought. Ken and I looked for the Packer-made engine. It was gone from its display and replaced with new stuff. When we asked an employee we found, who was there the day the Flyer was dropped, he said that he was pretty sure that the engine was put in storage. He also said that whole section including the jet liner will be closed off for a few of months and redone, and he figured that included the Flyer.

Looking away from the Flyer we saw the new display of aircraft. The skies of MSI were pretty darn crowded.

The German Stuka is in the crowded air space too. I wonder how many times they dropped it this time.