Stacy's Tavern

November 23, 2001

For the past few years now I've wondered about Stacy's Tavern and its historical significance. When I read in the Glen Ellyn News that it was opening soon for tours I decided now was the time to satisfy my curiosity. The day before tours were to begin I walked around the grounds to take some pictures in the daylight of the main building and its out buildings. The first series of photos show those images.

The next group of images show the interior rooms and their wonderful contents which I photographed during my tour. These shots were taken with the permission of the curator. I hope you enjoy this brief photo tour and then go visit this beautiful landmark for a tour of your own--and maybe leave a donation towards its upkeep. By the way, the movie actress Julia Roberts was there about a week or so before, to film a documentary. She has family ties to our Village of Glen Ellyn.

NOTE: The pictures may take a few minutes to appear onscreen so please be patient. And to view a enlarged version of them just click on the desired photo.

Enjoy the tour.
Chuck Clendenin


A daylight stroll around Stacy's Tavern

The night tour.

Check in desk at the entry.

Parlor room.

Mrs. Stacy

Game room.


Celler stairs.

A peek inside wall construction.

A rare indoor well.

Washing maching demostration.

Second floor hallway picture wall.

Display room above the dining room.

Guest room for men only.

The Stacy's boys bedroom.

Guest room for women only.

Mr. and Mrs. Stacy's bedroom.

Hallway stairs down to the entry.

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