Glen Ellyn Scenes of the Seasons


Winter Downtown

Lake Ellyn

Glenbard West

Winter Streets

Autumn at Lake Ellyn

Stacy's Tavern

Cardboard Boat Regatta

Memorial Day 2002

Virgin Mary Statue

Take a winter stroll (with your mouse) through downtown Glen Ellyn, around Lake Ellyn, past Glenbard West High School, and around some neighborhood streets. Click on any one of the links at the left and you're on your way.

The Village of Glen Ellyn in winter as seen through my camera. These pictures were taken with a digital camera on New Years Eve day.

Or take an autumn stroll through the park at Lake Ellyn and visit the Veteran's Memorial. Scenes taken October 18, 2001.

If you've never been to Stacy's Tavern but heard of it, now's your chance to take a cyber tour. Photographed in December, 2001

See the May 2002 Memorial Day Ceremony at Lake Ellyn.

In June 2001, St. Stacy's church hosted a visit by the 33 foot, 4 ton, stainless steel statue of the Virgin Mary. Included are day and night shots of incredible statue.

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Updated 12/2002