Rick Young's Early Help
June 30, 2001

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Rick Young helps Wright Redux build the prototype Wright Flyer

  1. A prototype of the wing assembly is adjusted in the parking lot of Miller's shop.

  2. The prototype wing waiting to be worked on.

  3. Grover, Rick's sidekick is always nearby.

  4. Rick and Grover spent most of the day squaring up the wing assembly.

  5. Using a T-square, Grover eyeballs the squareness of teh wing cell.

  6. Tom comes out to see what Rick and Grover are up to.

  7. This is the wire rigging they used to square up the framework.


  9. Grover and Rick continue to fiddle.

  10. The wing cells do a docie-doe in the parking lot.

  11. Mark and Reese come in to help.

  12. Cool, huh?


  14. More chit chat.

  15. Mark demos the strut connection.

  16. I don't know this guy, but he and Rick seemed to be buddies.

  17. The wing cell is brought into the shop.

  18. Here's the jig that formed the end bows.

  19. Reese and Tom bring in the wing.


  21. The lower wing is propped up as it waits for the upper.

  22. I don't know why Grover had such a silly grin. I guess he was having fun.

  23. Assembly of the upper to the lower wing begins.


  25. This is the same method we used for the final assembly at Clow.


  27. Struts are done. Now the rigging.


  29. Reese keeps working.


  31. It's just about done.

  32. Looking good.
More to come.