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Dec. 2003 MSI Says Thanks
Nov. 2003 Nov 15, Move Flyer Home to MSI Nov 16, MSI Assy Complete at MSI
  Nov 19, MSI Displays
Spirit of Glen Ellyn
Nov 24, Glen Ellyn Proclamation
Oct. 2003 Oct 14, Full replica flight
Sep. 2003 Sep 18, To MSI for
Flight Prep
Sep 7, 1st Engine Start on Airframe
Aug. 2003 Aug 16/17, Air & Water Show Chicago Aug 3, Two Flights
Jul. 2003 Jul 13, We Flew Again! July 4th Parade
in Glen Ellyn
Apr. 2003 We FLY!
Mar. 2003 Thrust Test/
Engine Update
Feb. 2003 Feb 3, Mount
& Test Props
Jan. 2003 Lift with pilot Replica

Dec. 2002 Dec 7, Engine Placement Dec 8, Visitor Day
Oct. 2002 Oct 6, Flyer gets Carriage Oct 13, Lift Day Oct 15, Press Day
  Oct 20, Lift Tests Oct 27, Weigh-In
Sep. 2002 Sept 6, Scouts Visit and Canard Assy Sept 7, Wing/Undercarriage Assy Sept 13, Wing Cell Assy
  Sept 14, Canard to Wing Cell Assy Sept 21, Wing Warp System Install  
Aug. 2002 Aug 10, Final Move Aug 15 Paint Parts Aug 17, Wingtip/Center Section
  Aug 18, Assemble Upper Wing Aug 24, Stitching Fabric Seams
  Aug 25, Stitching Day Two Aug 31, Wing Center Section Assy
Jul. 2002 July 2, First Move  
Apr. 2002 April 6, Steam Bend April 7 - Just Stuff April 13 - Wings, Canard
April 14 - Wing Assy April 21 - Prop Tube/Model Parts
Mar. 2002 March 2, Rib Build March 3, Lower Plane March 6 - Center Section
March, Library Presents March 23 - Weigh-In March 24 - Pipe Cut
Feb. 2002 Feb, Tom & Mark Feb 9, Team Meeting Feb 9, Nat-Geo Visits
Jan. 2002 Ron Siebens Visits Jan 19, Ted & Bill

Dec. 2001 Dec 17, Spin Test
Jul. 2001 July 1, Hang Wing July 4, Parade
Jun. 2001 June 30, Rick Young Helps June 30, More of Rick
WRA Documents Spin Test Press Release Centennial of Flight Press Release 'How to Build a Rib' (Word doc)
Curtiss-Wright Letter Boeing Letter


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