The Team
"No amount of money could have hired a team of people with the skills, commitment and dedication as this group of volunteers."
Mark Miller - Co-President/Woodworking Craftsman/ Co-founder
Ted Craft - Co-President/Engineer/Craftsman
Mike Perry - Treasurer/Parts Acquisition/Spokesman
Jeff Knuckles - Secretary/Legal
Bill Mumford - Director/Engineer/Craftsman
Jean Mumford Director/Seamstress
Tom Norton - Public Relations/Co-founder/Past President
Erin Norton - Past Treaurer
Steve Klein - Fabric Consultant/Carpenter
Turk Tilev - Mechanical Engineer/Craftsman
Chuck Clendenin - Website Manager/Photographer/Assembly
Ken Kirincic - Pilot
Mike Gillian - Pilot
Ken Lapi - Videographer
Rick Perry - Assembly/Launch Rail Fabrication
Jim Wright - Engine Technician/Instrument Fabrication
Ron Robinson - Assembly
Ron Scott - Fabrication & Assembly

Note: All of us do a little of everything from tool design, to making parts, to assembly, to sweeping the floor. And we all have a say in the project.

See photos of team members.
Some Bios
Mark Miller
Co-President, Wright Redux Association and owner/master craftsman of Miller Woodworking located in Glen Ellyn. Miller Woodworking creates custom wood projects for residential, commercial and decorative purposes. Mark assisted in construction of a Wright 1900 glider replica, and has constructed a beta version of the upper wing of the 1903 Wright Flyer. An accomplished woodworker, Mark leads the fabrication of spruce and ash parts for the Replica Flyer.
Ted Craft
Co-President of the Wright Redux Association and resident of Glen Ellyn. Ted is handling project planning and engineering for the 1903 Wright Flyer Replica. Ted is an engineer by training and experience and experience and works for Bosch Power Tools of Chicago.
Tom Norton
Co-Founder and past President of the Wright Redux Association. A former Glen Ellyn resident, Tom built a replica of the Wright 1900 glider in 1999. Since moving to Washington, DC, Tom is now handling the public relations end of the project.
Mike Perry
Volunteer and Treasurer of WRA and resident of Glen Ellyn. Mike enjoys assembling and repairing the flyer and was responsible for securing the majority of the metal parts for the Replica airframe, and was the point person for the FAA certification process. Mike works in pharmaceutical marketing / advertising for Abelson-Taylor, Inc of Chicago.
Bill Mumford
Bill is an accomplished woodworker, technician and craftsman, and is a resident of Algonquin, Illinois. Bill has been responsible for many of the airframe assemblies, especially the wings.
Jean Mumford
Jean is an accomplished seamstress and resident of Algonquin. Working with her husband Bill, Jean sewed all the fabric for the 40 feet 4 inches long wings on her dining room table. The muslin material replicates the "Pride of the West" muslin that the Wright Brothers used on their original Flyer. The fabric is sewn on the bias to create wings that are incredibly strong and flexible.
Turk Tilev
Turk is a resident of Glen Ellyn and the President of Flow-Con Industries, coolant filtration specialists. Turk is mechanical engineer with a special knowledge of metalworking. Among his many contributions, Turk was primarily responsible for the fabrication of the chain tubes necessary for the transmission of power to the propellers.
Chuck Clendenin
Chuck is also a resident of Glen Ellyn and a dedicated craftsman. He's been an integral part of the construction of the Flyer's many airframe components, and is an accomplished photographer and website manager. Chuck has been primarily responsible for documenting our progress with pictures and posting them on our website.
Steve Klein
Steve is a resident of Glen Ellyn and was integral in securing the muslin fabric for the flyer and has been a key craftsman at critical times.
Jeff Knuckles
Secretary of WRA. Jeff is a local Naperville attorney and is serving as general counsel for the Spirit of Glen Ellyn project.
Ken Kirincic
Ken is a resident of Glen Ellyn and an accomplished pilot, especially with ultralight aircraft. Ken owns and runs his own landscaping business. Ken piloted the Spirit of Glen Ellyn on its maiden flight April 27, 2003.
Mike Gillian
Mike is a resident of Downers Grove. Mike owns and runs an asphalt paving business. Mike brought a deep experience as a pilot to the group. Mike has commercial, multiengine, and instrument ratings. Mike has flown in the Air Races at Reno, NV. Mike flew the Spirit of Glen Ellyn on its longest flight to date, 357 feet at Clow airport July 13, 2003.
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