Progress Photos for March 15th, 2003
"Spirit of Glen Ellyn" Certified Airworthy!

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"Spirit of Glen Ellyn" is certified airworthy! Another major milestone was achieved today as the FAA Aviation Safety Inspector signed the Special Airworthiness Certificate on this day March 15, 2003. The category/designation is EXPERIMENTAL and purpose is EXHIBITION. Photos here show the certificate, operating limitations, and images of the event.

Special recognition and thank you goes to Dr. Ken Packer and his Packer Wings NFP organization which includes Steve Meyers, John Nowicki and many others. It was through their encouragement and advice that helped Wright Redux Association achieve this certification.

  1. FAA Aviation Safety Inspector Tom Soerens signs the paperwork as Mike Perry looks on.

  2. Mike Perry holds up the "Spirit of Glen Ellyn's" Airworthiness Certificate.

  3. The Grand Prize!

  4. Members of the Wright Redux Association who were present for the signing: Seated - Ted Craft, Mark Miller, Mike Perry. Standing - Chuck Clendenin, Bill Mumford, Turk Tilev, Jean Mumford.

  5. Certification letter.

  6. Operating Limitations - page 1 of 3.

  7. Operating Limitations - page 2 of 3.

  8. Operating Limitations - page 3 of 3.
More to come.