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March 3, 2002 - Plane is lowered from rafters

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Today we lower the plane using a winch that's semi-permanently mounted to the tool rack. This is the first of probably a hundred times the plane is lowered and raised.

  1. The winch is mounted to the rack.

  2. The tail assembly is high in the rafters.

  3. Mark moves a few things out of the way to lower the plane as Rick Perry looks on.

  4. That darn rib is hung up.

  5. Down she comes.

  6. Easy does it.

  7. Three more feet.

  8. The winch gets stuck.

  9. Let's try again.

  10. Inches left...

  11. The eagle has landed!

  12. Will this ever get easier?

  13. A broken end rib is taped in place.

  14. We gotta move those flourscent lights.

  15. Who's going up the ladder this time?

  16. A canard skeleton is clamped on.
More to come.